Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new: Holiday Shores

"Days Drag"

A few weeks ago I noticed that two syllable records had a new act by the name of Holiday Shores on their lineup. Curious, and sort of thinking 'how did I not know this?', I realized that Holiday Shores press shot was a exactly the same as two syllable signee's Continental Divide's photo. After putting two and two together, and getting confirmation from the two syllable CEO's, I came to the conclusion that, yes, Holiday Shores are indeed Continental Divide.

The band, who produces the musical equivalent of the half-half ice tea lemonade I'm drinking and the perfectly ripe banana I'm eating, is currently putting the final touches on their two syllable debut, Columbus'd the Whim, which, depending on who you ask, comes out either July 26 or August 4th. Fans of Matt Mondanile's (Real Estate, Ducktails) loopy bedroom psyche and day-drinking, will rejoice upon hearing Holiday Shores debut, which ebbs and flo's much like a hazy afternoon drinking lukewarm beer in the sun; happy, lethargic, rejuvenated and wasted, it's all here, ready to be devoured. It's the sort of record that makes you want to quit your job, move to Alabama, start a pie shop and sit out back and smoke cigarettes all day, while downing Coors Original, the banquet beer. (What can I say, this band really makes me want to drink beer.) While I anxiously await their debut, those fiending a post-work malt beverage can sip on portions of Continental Divide's EP over at RCRD LBL.

Continental Divide- Golden Throat EP

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