Tuesday, March 17, 2009

release: Bonnie Prince Billy Beware

"I Can Find It Again"
The ever prolific Will Oldham will release his second album in less than a year today on Drag City. Beware, which sports a cover akin to a fleshier version of I See A Darkness, follows Oldham into a more introspective place than the rather jovial and upbeat (for Oldham, at least) Lie Down In The Light. If new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy releases don't rev your engine, well, you probably need to get that checked out. And if a check up still doesn't get your head on straight, than maybe the Bard of Kentucky hitting NYC for the first time in a long time this May for an evening at the beautiful Apollo Theatre will get your heart in functioning order again. Tickets are going fast, with my single ticket request yielding a seat in the third floor upper mezz, but I think a rare Oldham appearance in New York is worth shelling out a little extra on Craigslist. The video below, taken from a recent performance in Copenhagen, shows a playful Oldham performing "Easy Does It", which might just be the happiest song he's ever written, and sort of makes me feel like I can/should pay any amount of money to kneel at the altar of Oldham.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Easy Does It" live in Copenhagan

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