Thursday, March 5, 2009

mp3: Psychedelic Saturday

From Rock Proper Chicago:
Winter in Chicago is humbling. Subzero winds and impossible snowfalls lead even the best of us to booze, fish fries, and B movies on VHS. And when Dave started crashing on the couch at the Moon Tower there was plenty of all that. But there was also this: an epic Saturday jam, mics hot in the frigid garage, Dave joining up with the Moon boys for hours of meandering, experimenting, and mind-expanding. A year, 300 overdubs, and hours of editing later, that psychedelic Saturday was chiseled, bent and fired into this Psychedelic Saturday.
For fans of White Rainbow, 13th Floor Elevators and Predator Vision.

Where the Moon Came From (w/ David Vandervelde)- Psychedelic Saturday

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