Thursday, March 19, 2009

cover: Zola Jesus "Lady In The Radiator"

"Everything Is Fine"

Zola Jesus' cover of "In Heaven", titled "Lady In The Radiator", is an overt reference to the character in the David Lynch film Eraserhead who sings the wistful, albeit frightening, Peter Ivers song. Most of us probably know it as a Pixies jam, whether it be the Frank Black led version on Pixies, or the more recent Kim Deal sung version. However, Zola Jesus' cover is more akin to a horrifying, yet beautiful(?), original (below), as if ZJ were a vengeful ghost moaning inside a radiator in a dark, long forgotten corner of Ed Gein's basement.

Zola Jesus- Lady in the Radiator (In Heaven)

Lady In The Radiator from David Lynch's Eraserhead

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cnjnctvsynth said...

There's also this one from Modest Mouse.