Thursday, November 20, 2008

black session: Jesus and Mary Chain

"I've Been Swimming Where The Fish Won't Go"

Known as much for their outlandish live shows, acid use and bad (ass) haircuts as their bubble gum meets screeching fuzztone sound, the Jesus and Mary Chain are undoubtedly one of the most influential bands to come out of the 80's. In the post-Lost In Translation world this seems rather obvious, especially with the rise of bands like Crystal Stilts and the Vivian Girls. For fans familiar with the bands debut masterpiece Psychocandy (home of "Just Like Honey"), this Black Session, recorded with Bernard Lenoir in France in 1994, is a grand collection highlighting the bands later, slightly-less shoegazey, sound. A great collection for newbs and hardcore JAMC elitists alike.

The Jesus & Mary Chain- Black Session 1994
1. Snakedriver
2. Hole
3. Girlfriend
4. Head On
5. Dirty Water
6. Come On
7. Teenage Lust
8. The Ghost of a Smile (Pogue's cover)
9. Far Gone & Out
10. She
11. Save Me
12. Everybody I Know
13. Reverence
14. Sidewalking

The Jesus & Mary Chain- Black Session 1994 (download)

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