Monday, September 22, 2008

soon: Marissa Nadler

"When I Was Young & Happy"

News is scant but Marissa Nadler has said her forthcoming record is on its way. Way back in July, in a MySpace post titled "record finished", Marissa wrote "i can't believe it! now its time to recover from pouring out the most intense and personal songs i have ever written. i feel naked." This got me really excited. Her homepage reads "New Record out October 2008", however, a different MySpace post provides a little more insight:
"Marissa Nadler's new full length is all done and will be out in early 2009 on Kemado Records, this time teaming up with New York based Chris Coady (who has worked with Blonde Redhead, Grizzly Bear, Gang Gang Dance, T.V. on the Radio). The record features several guest musicians, such as Myles Baer (Black Hole Infinity, work on Ballads of Living and Dying), Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Farmer Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks, All Night Radio, Interpol, Elvis Costello, etc etc.). With the same intimacy as earlier records, this record has a lot of exciting new developments."
Rather than let her record leak in pieces, Marissa has decided to take the road less traveled.
so, I have fought off the urge to put any of my new material online so I can save it for the record.The ones I put up today are NOT new songs and NOT on the record- but I wanted to put something up anyway. There are just some demos I never did anything with.

The new record will not be heard till it is released, at all. Its hard because there is the desire to get feedback from other people and it is so easy and quick with the Internet these days. But, I am trying to make it a surprise. So, my apologies for keeping the same stuff up for a while and putting up not totally new songs.
Luckily, Marissa has a few scheduled dates for you to get your fix, that is, of course, if you live in Boston or New York. Oh, and for all you vinyl heads, Ballads of Living and Dying will be re-released "in a remastered form, with a track that was accidentally left off the album, in the coming months. The reissue will be out on Kemado records new vinyl imprint Mexican summer. (named after a Marissa song from Songs III: Bird on the Water)." So until CMJ, Brainwaves and 2009, here's your fix of the beautiful, enchanting Ms. Nadler.

Marissa Nadler- Honey Bear

Marissa Nadler- Cortez The Killer

Marissa Nadler "Mexican Summer"

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