Monday, September 15, 2008

new: Shaky Hands

"So Well Hidden"

The Shaky Hands were one of my favorite CMJ discoveries last year. Their self-titled debut, which I recently rekindled my relationship with, is one helluva jangle pop winner, complete with all the catchy hooks and head shaking rhythm you love about early R.E.M records. Often I feel like The Shaky Hands are right out of Chronic Town, which is a damn good thing if you ask me. The band recently released their second album, Lunglight, which in this on-the-cuff clip (below), is explained as being "darker and more provocative." After a few spins with "We Are Young", you begin to hear the exceeding aggression in the band's sound, which, if you recall, used to have a certain 'running down the beach doing cartwheels' thing going on. Order the Lunglight from the band's new label, Kill Rock Stars, for $10...and yes, it includes a free digital download. The best of both worlds. Also, if you're on the Left Coast, check out The Shaky Hands with fellow Bobka favorite The Acorn, for a slew of shows that are sure to be delectable.

Shaky Hands- We Are Young

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