Sunday, March 30, 2008

we saw: Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper

"Turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime"
(Photo by JuicyGoo)
We knew last night's Fleet Foxes show was going to be amazing, and now we can confirm... utterly amazing. While lead singer/songwriter Robin Pecknold prefaced their set by letting the crowd know he had the flu and had puked right before hitting the stage, his sore throat and headache didn't seem to affect his vocal, which was spot on all evening. We're also happy to report that the bands majestic harmonies are as eerily dreamy as they are on record. Cathartic and wonderstruck, like a magical revelation through a dream.

The show kicked off with the gorgeous acapella "Sun Giant" and within seconds all questions regarding Robin's voice were gone. The crowd was silent. Eyes were wide open like children on a snow day. "Sun Giant", the opening track on the recently released EP of the same name, segued perfectly into "Sun it Rises", the opener on the bands leaked, and soon to be released (June 3) eponymous full length debut. Other highlights included an utterly pristine version of "Oliver James", a heart wrenching cover of "Katie Cruel" (video which we posted yesterday), a fan requested "Blue Ridge Mountains" and the pastoral insta-classic "White Winter Hymnal."

After a set that felt like being baptized in fresh mountain water, it's safe to say that Fleet Foxes blend of high lonesome balladry and CSNY harmonies is going to be pointing alot of kids to the forest. Like Justin, we agree that Fleet Foxes remind us of the criminally under rated, and often forgotten, David Crosby record If I Could Only Remember My Name, as well as After The Gold Rush era Neil Young.

All in all, we were blown away. Like, totally blown away. The band seemed to feel the same way, amazed at the sincere and righteous reaction from the glowing New York crowd. Not to mention, all the singing along.

After the show we got a chance to catch up with lead Fox Robin Pecknold, who had just turned 22 at midnight and was drinking Emergen-C to heal his aching flue. While we can't stress enough how impeccable Pecknold and Co. sound live, we really hope he gets back to a 100% so crowds in the rest of the country get to bask in the light of his warm voice. We also caight up with multi instrumentalist and co-harmonizer Casey Wescott who let us know that the vinyl release of Fleet Foxes will include the Sun Giant EP. That makes 2xLP's we couldn't be more excited to hear on the ole phonograph.

Oh yeah, Blitzen Trapper played too. They rocked out the title track from last year's Wild Mountain Nation, as well as the albums "Country Caravan", "Devils A-Go-Go" and "Sci-Fi Kid." They were pretty darn good, but, unfortunately, couldn't compare to the Fleet Foxes, who were utterly jaw dropping. I've often heard that the Who refused to go on after Hendrix at Monterey Pop, fearing that he would suck all the wind from the audience. Honestly, I'd hate to be in any band that has to play after Fleet Foxes. It's just not fair.

Fleet Foxes- Oliver James
Blitzen Trapper- Stolen Shoes (Daytrotter Session)

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