Monday, March 17, 2008

post-hype: Lykke Li

"For You I Keep My Legs Apart"

Lykke Li (pronounced Lookey Loo??) is the latest Scandanavian sweetheart to make our collective hearts flutter. Her record Youth Novels is the type of minimalist pop that blends the boundaries of indie bedroom folk and laptop pop, with weeping orchestrations and arrangements by, you guessed it, Bjorn Yttling of PB&J and Lasse Marten, who also worked on Our Ill Wills and Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've been Gone". Lykke is bound for exponential stardom, or at least fan-boy dom, as her coy, slinky vibe is sure to win over last years Feist converts and hype eating hipsters, alike. Goldmines like "Dance, Dance Dance", which features the precious "My hips they lie/ cause in reality/ I'm shy, shy, shy", is poised to wind up on college playlists across the country, while "Little Bit" is likely to be zapped into your home Television set via a Honda commercial. And rightfully so, as Lykke has all the makings of a Swedish pop sensation; sincere, smart, beautiful and Swedish, that's all it takes. Not only does she have the stuff FM pop stations should be drooling over, she's got tracks that scream "remix", like "I'm Good, I'm Gone" and the slightly robotic breakup jam "Complaint Department" ("If you want to complain/ I'm not the complaint department").

The only thing preventing International stardom is the limited distribution, as Youth Novels is currently only packaged for Scandanavian consumption, although we're pretty sure after all the shows she played at SXSW that somebody is bound to ink a deal to bring it Stateside. Right now the only place to buy Youth Novels is HERE.
She will be making her NYC debut 5/7 at Joe's Pub, with another date at the Bowery Ballroom 5/8. Peep the video that made me fall for Lykke below.

"Little Bit" in the Street


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment the other day. SMD were tops.

re: Lykke Li.
got to see her on saturday and it was a great show. superb performance, catchy tunes and you can't fail to fall for her. :)

Anonymous said...

Lykke Li is pronounced "Lick-ee Lee", not "Lookey Loo" or "Lucky Luke" or whatever ;-)
See also "Soundvenue Up Close: Lykke Li" at YouTube or other videos where she says her name. At least she has to know how it is pronounced ;-)