Wednesday, March 12, 2008

coming soon: Kate Simko

Kate Simko first caught my ear with last year's stellar Strumm EP. Her minimal sound and acute attention to detail immediately appealed to the Herbert side of my electronic appetite.

Simko was raised on the piano, focusing her studies on classical then jazz piano (hence the Herbert-like qualities) before eventually becoming swept up by the electronic music scene in the mid-90's. Her studies took her to Santiago, where she teamed up with Chilean producer/composer Andres Bucci and the pair released an album under the moniker Detalles in 2003. Simko returned to the US and has since been active DJ'ing and composing minimal techno and is slated to release her "She Said EP" March 25th on Ghostly Intl's Spectral imprint. Although I've yet to hear it, P4K claims "the EP suggests not only Simko's definitive arrival but also the revitilization of Ghostly's Spectral offshoot." Can someone please just give Mort some sort of frequent buyer card? A Ghostpass perhaps?

BELOW: "Machine War" from 2006's Strumm EP (available for digital download via myspace)

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