Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's a Pterodactyl!

"Stole Your Daddy's Car Oh Oh"

Last week after an afternoon of playing with oscillating synthesizers and listening to Daniel Johnston, I ventured downtown with my roommate only to stumble upon a rag-tag group of noize trash art poppers breaking toy instruments, beating a floor tom with a loose microphone and throwing themselves violently into the brick walls of Burlington's indie art house the "Radio Bean". The band was Burlington's own Nose Bleed Island. We entered at the beginning of their song "Pterodactyl" and I've been singing it's infectious hook ever since.
"OHHHHHH, Stole Your Daddy's Car Oh Oh, It's a Pterodactyl"

Last night was my last night in Vermont and I was lucky enough to take in another Nose Bleed Island performance. Their myspace pages describes their music as "the screams of a mother accidently slapping the sunburned backs of her children while their taking shits on their shoes and then she eats them. it sounds like that." They're not lying either, it does sound like that. I love this band. They turn garbage into art, and by art i mean acid washed jeans set ablaze with wd-40 then vomited on by a homeless midget with moose knuckles for hands. Whatever it is there is something absolutely genuine and carefree about Nose Bleed Island that makes me really excited for their album to come out at the end of the month. I'm sad that I wont be able to see more of their gonzo-bat-shit-monkey fucker performances. Download "Pterodactyl" below and peep some others HERE

Nose Bleed Island- Pterodactyl

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EekNasty said...

On the myspace page there is a run-on paragraph that chronicles how the band came to be. Pure gold.