Friday, May 18, 2007


Before Wilco...there was Uncle Tupelo. Before Uncle Tupelo, there wasn't much of Alt-Country as we know it. But don't tell that to Jayhawks frontman, Gary Louris. Uncle Tupelo's breakthrough debut album, No Depression, is often credited as the beginning of alt-country. The Jayhawks first two albums actually precede No Depression, released in 1988 and 1989.

In 1992 The Jayhawks released their major label debut , Hollywood Town Hall, which built on the unpolished country-rock of their first two albums. Hollywood Town Hall became the Jayhawks's first success, and, 15 years later, still holds its own as one of the finest albums in alt-country's short history.

While The Jayhawks are on an uber-ambiguous(infinite?) hiatus, Louris has been busy with the alt-country supergroup Golden Smog(above), which formerly included Wilco mastermind Jeff Tweedy (second from left, looking very creepy).

from Hollywood Town Hall (1992):
The Jayhawks - Wichita
The Jayhawks - Crowded in the Wings

from Down By the Old Mainstream (1995):
Golden Smog - Radio King

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