Wednesday, May 30, 2007

old skool: Lee Dorsey

"Everything I Do Gonna be Funky from Now On"

A few summers ago a friend put Lee Dorsey's Ride Your Pony on a portable boom box. Drinks were drunk, smokes were smoked and three weeks later, like a bad/good trip into Billy Madison , we were still drunk by the pool on nudey magazine day and Dorsey's Ride Your Pony was still pushing the limits of the old Sony's primitive speakers (mmm Super Bass). With one click of the remote, 'repeat all', it was Ride Your Pony for weeks. No need for anything else. We had a good thang going.

Like a little bit of honey in your hot sauce, Lee Dorsey's music is an optimal blend of sticky-sweaty HOT funk and sugar soaked harmonies. Don't like BBQ? All good, Dorsey's sound is just as nectareous as boozed up lemonade, sweet and spirited with a lil' kick.

It's hard not to love Lee Dorsey's cheerful, warm Southern soul. Working side by side with the legendary Allen Toussaint, Dorsey crafted playful, rousing party music, with a voice sweet enough to make you weep (But why cry when you're having fun!). Famous for singing "Working on a Coal Mine," Dorsey epitomized a phrase he helped make popular: "Everything I'm Gonna Do Gonna be Funky From Now On." Of course the Beastie Boy's immortalized him in their 90's classick "Sure Shot," with the line "...and everything I do is funky like Lee Dorsey." Oh, fo' sho. Get a taste for Mr. Dorsey below, guaranteed to put some sunny soul in your life.

Lee Dorsey- Get Out My Life Woman
Lee Dorsey- Ride Your Pony
Lee Dorsey- Shortnin' Bread

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