Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tonight: How I Quit Crack

In Realm

Been a long time coming but TX's How I Quit Crack, the nom de plume of Ernestina Forbis, is playing tonight at the Pendu thing at Secret Project Robot. Despite the fact that Brooklyn Vegan is throwing the Witch Haus signifier into play, there is no excuse for missing this show...even if you despise Witch Haus, one of the opening acts, Pendu, etc. Srsly, no excuses, as HIQC performances (and I use the word performance on purpose) are not a dime a dozen in the Northeast, and word about her shows travels long and far.

For over a year, Forbis has been crafting sublime inroads to a very dark places. Between screwing the shit out of Nirvana, turning Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" into a 9-minute extended rumination of love/lose and issuing one of the best singles in recent memory ("In Realm" b/w "Gone Away" on Answering Machine Records), HIQC has quickly become one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the TX Triangle, despite only releasing a few songs on her Soundcloud page (follow here).


wanting you album vers- preview by how i quit crack

hiqc- wicked game by how i quit crack

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