Monday, February 28, 2011

radio: Oscar Sunday Brunch

We'd Like to Thank Our Choreographer

Last night we all sat through a brutal edition of the Oscar's, however, Hollywoods rewarded us this morning with a host of priceless Charlie Sheen comments. With that in mind, here is a string of well-loved and sequenced music from and inspired by films. Basically everything you could ever want from Hollywood, sans the TMZ upskirt pics, or whatever they are doing. #charliesheen

Oscar Sunday Brunch Radio 2.0
36 Mafia- Acceptance Speech -> Hard Out Here For A Pimp
Puff Daddy- Come With Me (feat Jimmy Page)
Jay-Z Blue Magic (from American Gangsta)
Booker T & the MGs - Tanks Lament
Richard Prior- Dialogue (from Car Wash)
Marvin Gaye- Main Theme from Troubleman
Ennio Morricone- Titoli: Giu la testa
John Barry- The Lesbian Tango (from Night Games)
Harry Nilson- Everybodys Talking
Henry Mancini- Experiment in Terror
John Williams- Follow That Kid! (Instrumental)
John Williams- Making the Plane (Instrumental)
Ennio Moricone- Molina (live)
Richard Band- What Death Looks Like (the Troll soundtrack)
Hakuna Matata (Lion King)
Prince- Kiss (from Under the Cherry Moon)
Little Mermaid main Titles
Spinal Tap- Flower People (from Spinal Tap)
Sandlot barf scene w. James Brown- I Feel Good
Rehma- Combine Man
Billy Passed the Third Grade from Billy Madison
John Barry- Wisdom of the Ages (from the Golden Child)
Jerry Goldsmith- Arrival on Earth/Flying Ballet (from Supergirl)
The Keep Intro- Music By Tangerine Dream
Trent Reznor- Pieces from the Hole (from Social Network)
Clint Mansell- A Swan Song (for Nina) (from Black Swan)
Vangelis- Chariots of Fire
Mark Mothersbaugh- King Island Lightning strike rescue opp
Scene from Suspiria
Leperchaun 4 In Space Trailer
Madonna- Hanky Panky (live) (music inspired by the film Dick Tracy)
Madonna- This Used to Be My Playground (from A League of their Own)
Jeff Bridges- Fallin & Flyin' (from Crazyheart)
R Kelly- Gotham City (from Batman & Robin)
Seal- Kiss from a Rose (from Batman Forever)
8 Mile Last Scene
Eninem- Lose Yourself (from 8 Mile)
Limaho- Never Ending Story
Wyld Stallones- Go Gave Rock N Roll To You (from Bill & Ted's....)

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