Friday, December 10, 2010

live: James Ferraro 8/28/2010

Hater Talk Never Made Me Mad

Yesterday I made fun of Stereogum and a bunch of people got mad. (Who knew people were passionate about Stereogum?! Shocking.) Anyway, it got me thinking. About real shit. No Toro Y Moi side projects, no Salem remixes. No shitty pics from a Joanna Newsome concert. Just real, good music that you want to turn people on to. That is what this forum is all about, after all. With that in mind, cut the bullshit and relish in inter-dimensional live set by the enigmatic, un-pigeonholeable James Ferraro, a dude who would never let hater talk harsh his vibe. Maybe that's because he's an alien. Or, because he just doesn't give a fuck and is going to produce the sounds he hears in his head, regardless of what any PR interns or Vice writers think about it.

Happy wknd.

PS- Go pick up Ferraro's latest on OESB. You will not regret it. Unless, you shouted "judas" at Dylan when he went electric, in which case, you should stop listening to music all together.

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Anonymous said...

YES! I was just recommended this guy from Family Portrait homies. Thanks for posting!