Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mp3: Megazord "Output 1-2"

Arp lock

Post-.jpg provocateur Megazord is known mostly for crafting drop-shadow digital tomfoolery on the web and album covers (see GAMES, White Rainbow/Stag Hare split) and warped to the heavens videos for the likes of Rene Hell, Stellar Om Source, Zach Hill, Dolphins into the Future, OPN, and many more. While the 'Zord has been known to screw some rando pop and R&B jams (see his remix of Khira's "My Neck My Back"), the digital fetishist also crafts long form synthesizer jams, ala "Output 1-2", which is an unedited lmprov with the arpeggiator locked in for safety. The 5 minute wavelength bender is hypnotizing, and, in a very good way, begging for house producers to freak a heavy groove on the Zord's maximalist take on minimal synth-scapes.

MP3: Megazord: "Output 1-2"

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