Sunday, November 14, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 11/14/2010


Celestial feedback from a cosmonaut satellite flutters in after the spacial frequencies delivered by the Tesla Effect. A two-hour mix as heavily influenced by the title of the Flaming Lips record Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, as it is by the daydreams and mental images the title conjures up.

Sunday Brunch 11/14/2010
Flying Saucer Attack + Roy Montgomery- and, goodbye
Arthur Clarke- fractals- the colors of infinity
Magic Lantern- Friendship
Duncan Cameron- Glyphs
Ocarina of Time Ending
Carl Sagan "100 Billion Galaxies each w/ 100 Billion stars"
Dolphins into the Future- Ho'okena Halawai
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Spermwhales- hissssssy fits
Ram Dass on "Awareness"
Sacred Harp- Make For Me A Way
John Fahey- Fare Forward Voyagers
Herbcraft- Dark Deities
Acid Folk- Fields of Gold Pt. I
Pigeons- Crucifix & Chain
Kendra Smith- Iridescence 31
Grouper- Stuck
Blankets- Ghost Interlude
Tjutjuna- Collider
Four Tet/Burial Moths (forest swords)
Baby Birds Dont Drink Milk- Jeremy irons Couple skate
Kendra Smith- Turning the Wheels of the Law
Velvet Davenport- Lily Girl
Zonotope- Inserting the Galactic Disc
Beach Boys- Wouldn't It Be Nice (slow)
Mountain Stream Field Recording
David Attenborough in Birds of Paradise
Rangers Street Smell excerpt
Taj Mahal Travelers- 6:20-6:46 (excerpt)
Super Mario Galaxy
Scott La Rock Mega Mix

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