Monday, November 22, 2010

mp3: Sacred Harp "Rappahannock (JR)"


Daniel Bachman first came to my attention when Mirror Universe released his tape Feast of the Green Corn earlier this year. Noticeably out of line with the proto-chillwave the South Carolina label had released prior, Sacred Harp culled Apalachian ragas reminiscent of Robbie Basho, John Fahey, and most recently, Jack Rose (R.I.P.), and while the comparisons are apt, they are not defining. Sacred Harp is not simply channeling these axeman, but rather joining the tradition from a different standpoint, one with as much clear focus on dirging drones, as high-mountain balladry. Sacred Harp's debut full-length Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation, if anything, proves that Bachman can sit side-by-side on Grandfather Mountain playing with his elders, and that each will most likely look at him, slyly, and nod, in recognition, which is pretty much the best compliment you could get from an elder statesman. One of the most striking debuts of the year, and one that sits mighty well next to Julian Lynch's Mare, and Rose's swan song, Luck In the Valley.

Sacred Harp's Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation is currently available as a free digital dowload, as well as a limited, self-released edition of 300 from the artist himself. Highest recommendation!

MP3: Sacred Harp: "Rappahannock (JR)"


dfbm said...

Really a great record. I love it too!

Anonymous said...

What is the email address to get one of these? It won't show up on my comp for some reason and I love this :p

Hermann Wundrum said...

Hey! You can reach Daniel at Anyone using the old address should try again as his account was hacked and he can no longer get into it!