Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mp3: Velvet Davenport "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls

Psych pop classicists Velvet Davenport are making good on the promise of their early cassette releases, the stream-of-consciousness Lemon Drop Square Box and the equally ephemeral (and even more psychedelic) White Blue. No auditory hallucinations on "Mystery Michael", a selection from their forthcoming LP Warmy Girls, rather, more Quixotic explorations through the dazzling world of prophetic paisley pop. Compared to the stoned monotone often extolled on Lemon Drop Square Box, Parker Sprout sounds spritely on "Mystery Michael," proclaiming "I feel great about my day/ Wouldn't have spent it any other way." A warm affair from Sprout's psilo-pop extravaganza, whose Warmy Girls is set to slather the rest of 2010 in a distinctly lysergic cream. Highest recommendation.

MP3: Velvet Davenport: "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls will be available shortly from Moon Glyph.

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GlowOfTheCube said...

Looking forward to this LP.