Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mp3: Dem Hunger "WANDA HENA EL HAWA"

Shelley Duvall

Dem Hunger's gonzo Caveman Smack cassette is getting a RARE (shout out BASEDGOD) repress from the fine folks at Leaving Records, aka Mr. Matthew David. Dem's been going strong for a while, compiling all sorts of white drug magick into completely bonzo electronic calisthenics, the sort of shit your Mom did in the Kitchen before school, only this is music, not breakfast. Exciting stuff, indeed. Not only that, Dem's been cooking (Shout out BASEDGOD) up some ambient fire, including this wonker from the forthcoming, previously titled, though currently untitled TCC ambient tape comp, which will also feature selections from Cascaders, MD+Speculator, La Big Vic and a bunch of other special zoners I'm not currently at will to divulge. Shit's gonna make you pass the fuck out. Keep your eyes peeled for that one any day now. Also, new tapes coming very soon from Sultan, Zonotope TM, and a couple heavy bangers. Yep, bangers. Nope, electro-classh.

Dem Hunger- Wanda Hena El Hawa

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