Tuesday, July 6, 2010

video: Sore Eros "Shake The Walls"

"Sweet & Milky"

Panoptic subliminal messages and disintegrated memories (seemingly spliced with an old video deck editing system) combine to form the video for the opening track off Sore Eros new LP Know Touching, due on SHDWPLY sometime this summer. A kaliedoscopic vision from Robbie Robinson, if "Shake the Walls" is any indicator, Know Touching may be a further exploration of the psychedelic sounds Sore Eros have been harvesting in Connecticut for a few years, and surely a welcome follow up to the phenomenal Second Chants. Looking forward to investing some serious mental energy into Know Touching.

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Luka Usmiani said...

if you read this, i need Kiedis' ##