Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new: White Rainbow

Flanger Pedal

White Rainbow has been uploading new, rare and unreleased tracks to his Bandcamp site over the past couple months. First was Boring Guitar Music, which was recorded live in one afternoon under the pretenese that WR wanted to abandon synth & beat oriented tunes and simply make, you guessed it, "boring guitar music." Fans of Frippertronics and Emerald's (and surely Mark McGuire's solo work) will get down on the digital new age soundscapes Forkner crafted for this release, whose cover was designed by Megazord.

The latest addition to the White Rainbow Bandcamp is a digital version of a cassette release on Gnar tapes, as well as "Skys Position (for Tom Blood)" and "Gnar", two tracks that would've been the 3LP on New Clouds. So, I guess you can consider Sea Thru the lost surprise ending of New Clouds now available on the director's cut "name your own price (or free") digital download. Who said the new age wasn't any good?!

PS- While your at it, check out the redonk Mexi-cumbia-house-%^$? mixes he just posted on his tumblr.

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