Thursday, January 21, 2010

video: James Ferraro at Death By Audio


This show was a trip. From the polish tweaker (memorialized brilliantly by Impose) to Zac Davis's twisted contributions towards the end of the night, I'm not really sure how this show sits in my memory bank. I do know that before that dude started screaming I was thoroughly zoned, so much so that I spent part of the set watching Ferraro through the viewfinder of the very camera which filmed this video. Two steps removed from DBA, truly entranced, I was sort of boggled by how patient Ferraro was in person. Just him, a keyboard and some knobs. Pretty chill to be honest. Not sure why that dude tweaked. Shit, he wasn't even in the room when Davis came up and really got into the nastiness. Wanna take a trip? Hit play.

While your at it, head over to OESB blog and peep the super warped tunnels of the new Sky Juice video. Zac Davis, the dude shredding above, is one part of Sky Juice, and the video, featuring excerpts from Sky Juice's Hard to Kill, which was released a while back on OESB.

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