Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new: The Report

"Playboy Tunnels"
(Collage Art by Madalyn Merkey. Her work appears in the Report.)
It's been a few months since the silly thought of starting a bi-annual cultural compendium crept into the forefront of my brain. I was going out to dinner and was sorta pissed the tavern ran out of Fish & Chips. (Bummer.) Since then, my half baked idea evolved into the Report, a home for warped ideas germinating in the caves of our contributors craniums for god knows how long. In many respects, the Report is a home for stuff that doesn't have a home, a quasi orphanage for random thoughts, mind collages, one-off jams and nights that need remembering.

The Report started a Kickstarter project to help bring our ideas to life. In a shockingly short period of time the Report raised its goal of $1000. Shit, y'all were so supportive we exceeded our goal. In all honesty, its remarkable. Scott the Intern and I are working our asses off in the Bobka/Report HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and we hope to have the Report packaged and ready to go in early February. Don't want to give too much away, because surprises are always nice, but I will disclose that the Report is a music, culture and art journal bundled with a DVD of live concert footage shot by Ray Concepcion and C. Axel Poekel (Chocolate Bobka's chief videographer) and a cassette compilation featuring new songs (and LOTS of exclusives) from Real Estate, Pure Ecstasy, Twin Sister, Mountain Man, Sharon Van Etten, Alex Bleeker, Holiday Shores and many, many more. The Report will be lovingly packaged for each individual order. This means no inventory, as we will only print as many as ordered. No more, no less, no excess. Pre-orders will be available in the next week or so, however, you can pre-order the Report by contributing to the Kickstarter project, which has lots of cool incentives, like, uh, the shirt off my back. Seriously. Really psyched for everyone to see what we've got cooking.

Donate to the Report Kickstarter.

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