Monday, November 9, 2009

new: Trail Magic "Don't Grow Up"

I'd always known Trail Magic as little gifts left to hikers, by other hikers, as a way of enlightening the path. Granola, pints of Whiskey, roaches, just a couple things to make somebody elses day a little better. In the city we call them ground scores, or street scores. The deluge of sounds from Trail Magic, who you may recognize from the Butter X Face Chum Onah: A Michael Jackson Tribute comp, are, ostensibly, similar. Bits of pre-recorded, digital fuck and synthetic tweak gaze surrender to a natural force, sort of like when cows can't help but lay down when a storm starts rolling in...but different. Animal Collective, in all their varied bits, are an obvious reference point, and that's not a bad thing, as Trail Magic successfully tap as many genre's as AnCo (hip hop, sample 8-bit, acoustic psych, folk, fuzz pop, etc), yet never fall into the trappings of a single sound. To be honest, I'm not too sure what to make of Yooooth as a whole, but, on the strength of the new EP and "Childhood Foreverand," I'm excited to hear what Trail Magic conjures up next.

Trail Magic- Don't Grow Up

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