Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CMJ: Mountain Man filling in for Ducktails

"Starring at the Wild White Heron"
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ducktails won't be able to play the Chocolate Bobka/Underwater Peoples/Olde English Spelling Bee show next week at Monkeytown. Sucks, but the sun shines brightest after a storm. In this case, the sun is Mountain Man. Yes, those lovely young ladies from Vermont that I've been gushing over for months. To be honest, this changes the dynamic of the show, but personally, I think its for the better, as there is no better preface to dreams than the enchanting songs of Mountain Man.

Make your reservation here, while you still can.

Mountain Man- Animal Tracks
Mountain Man- Dog Song

1 comment:

OESB said...

You can never count on a duck.

They will always let you down.

Mountain Man to the rescue!!