Monday, August 3, 2009

video: Alex Bleeker & the Freaks "Summer>Epilogue"

"Made of..."

There is really no better excuse to leave Brooklyn than to head to a backyard show in North Jersey. Even more so when the lineup consists of Julian Lynch, Real Estate, Frat Dad, Family Portrait, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, and many, many more. So, on a sunny Saturday, a seemingly rare thing in the metro area, we headed out to Glen Rock to do just that; see some great bands, hang some like-minded folk, and, simply, straight chill. And that we did. One of the best parts of the day was seeing Alex Bleeker & the Freaks tear into "Summer>Epilogue," a loose, yet clamp tight country ballad, that, at first, seems like the Dead channeling Live Rust Neil Young. Of course, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks are a sort of re-worked version of Real Estate, featuring Martin Courtney on bass, Matt Mondanile on drums and guitar player Julian Lynch coaxing vibrant grooves from his sky-birthed Telecaster. If you haven't heard this tune, well, you should probably dig up some choice Dead bootlegs circa '77 and familiarize yourself with the "source" material. If you're too lazy to do that, which, essentially means you are one-helluva-lazy-mofo, then just watch this footage c. axel poekel III shot of Bleeker & the Freaks in Adir's backyard. Jersey never sound so fine. (Born To Run= the obvious exception.) Expect more video in the coming days.


Will said...

Truly beautiful

JeffGoldblumLife said...

why is this so beautiful

guess it dont matter

nate said...

2000 miles away and i still feel like i was there

TheBoulevardier said...

beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. you're homespun charms never cease to make my blush, wring the bottom of my shirt and kick the dust neath my feet in coy manner.

in other news, please tell your delightful girlfriend I very much enjoyed chatting with her in the bathroom line.

And if it's not too creepy.. mention to her how enamored me and my girl were with her get up.

i fancy myself a bit of a fashionista (despite the fact i often look like garbage) and well.. i really appreciated that shorts/overalls concoction.

Julian Lynch said...


Elise O said...

I know this is old and has been said before, but this is beautiful. What do you shoot on?