Friday, August 28, 2009

reminder: ChocBob Show at Cameo Gallery

"And Later On"

Being that its rainy, a bit chilly and the forecast for the weekend "blows," you might as well come to Cameo Gallery tomorrow night for one last pre-Labor Day, post-fuck this humidity party. A rager it shall be, with my boys Family Portrait kick starting the evening, which will sway from the hypnotic folk of Sore Eros to the wondrous Floridian pop of Holiday Shores to the vibrato-inflected surf psych of Beach Fossils. As usual, there will be cookies. So yeah, come out, its only $7 and if your nice, maybe we'll draw a moustache on your face. (Warning: Only nice people will be violated with magic marker moustaches.) Peep chronic videos below for a preview of what will mark the end of our summer, and the beginning of the autumnal transition.

In other news, our friend and pseudo west coast corespondent J. Spacecakes will be on location in San Francisco, a small psychedelic fishing village in Northern California (maybe you've heard of it), at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. In what is surely to be the best piece of web reporting in the micro-blogging age, Spacecakes will be live tweeting the musical styling, while sampling copious amounts of medical edibles. Being that Spacecakes is, well, the greatest stoner in the world, the worlds most absurd tweeter (not counting Ron Artest), and the most gracious dude left of the Mississippi, I highly recommend following his tweets this weekend, especially if your on the trapped indoors on the East Coast watching old movies on AMC while rain streaks down your windows. The party kicks off in Golden Gate Park today at 1pm pst. Follow J. Spacecakes on Twitter.


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