Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mp3: Sharon Van Etten covers Morrissey

"You're Wasting Your Time"
(photo by sarahana)
Yesterday Pitchfork bestowed a glowing 7.7 on Sharon Van Etten's goose-bump inducing Because I Was In Love. Not surprised in the least that P4K honored Ms. Van Etten, although a little surprised it took so long, it is a well-deserved victory for the NJ-born, Bushwick-based heartbreaker, who has the uncanny ability of silencing any place she plays, no matter how drunk and loud the crowd is. While Sharon has a remarkable amount of well-worn, tear-tested material, I can't recall ever hearing her play a cover live. (Frankly, this may be me having a few too many, or simply being in such awe that I can't remember. Both are quite possible.) Regardless, Sharon contributed a cover of Morrissey's "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" to The Music Slut's "TMS Hearts Moz" compilation. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not the biggest Smiths fan, and I could honestly give two-shits about Morrissey's solo career, but this song, stripped of anything-and-everything but pain and a longing to be understood, plays like a water-logged love note long since lost at sea. It's ragged and torn and can barely be read, but if, when, someone finds it, all sentiment will be understood. Clarity, if one ever needed it.

Sharon Van Etten- The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

"For You"


nyctaper said...

Sharon covered the Smiths, a different song that I can't remember (from Strangeways, I believe), when I saw her at Glasslands some time last winter. I have a recording, but I never used it.

McG said...

definitely be interested in hearing it, if you could send it my way. gracias!