Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mp3: Norse Horse "Swamp Trotter"


Damaged pop and psyche blog No Pain In Pop, which has been consistently killing it for a long while, served up some refreshingly delightful goods yesterday in the form of Norse Horse's "Swamp Trotter." The song, which may have been recorded beneath your favorite swimming hole or rock quarry, weaves like Dean Moriarty driving the Pacific Coast highway high as Pimp C on codeine and wine-spodiodi. All syrupy and gooey, while somehow maintaining a light fluidity that finds the tune meandering through fresh water reefs like a newt, "Swamp Trotter" is focused, and unforced, unraveling like an extended orgasm, that builds and builds and builds until one is so overcome with ecstatic desire that he/she cannot speak. It's tantra, baby.

Family Time is set to put out an EP of Norse Horse material on cassette and CD-R later this month, which also includes the phenomenal "Gangplank Galleon" and "Sleepers", both of which are available for download at No Pain In Pop. (Do it now.) In addition, Norse Horse are beginning to work on "some new songs for a Norse Horse/Ancient Crux split 7" coming out later this year." If you've been digging Ganglians, Predator Vision/Ducktails, and Woods, I highly suggest snagging "Swamp Trotter."

Norse Horse- Swamp Trotter

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