Monday, February 11, 2008

nu musick: Wolfkin

"It Takes Love and Gasoline"

Released in Europe in 2006, Wolfkin's Brand New Pants will finally see the light of day in the States Tuesday 2/12. No illusions here, the band even has a countdown on their website until the "US Special Edition" of Brand New Pants drops. As fans of their dark, yet uber-bouncy, indie stylings, I have to agree with their label,Crunchy Frog Records, who says that Wolfkin sounds like "a musical mixture of exotic noir, Morricone Americana, stylish and dirty drum programming that demands dancing, and is oozing with psychedelic sensibilities reminiscent both of the spaced-out synthesizer meditations of the seventies as well as the sixties' hotheaded guitar-driven ecstasy of rock&roll." Brand New Pants begins with the sultry "These Are All Illusions", which is definitely one of my favorite songs of 2008 so far, even if it originally came out two years ago. It's clear that between the Wolfkin release, the new Raveonettes album and an upcoming release from Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band that 2008 could be the year of the Danes. We really gotta get over to Copenhagen and gulp down whatever liquids these cat's keep getting into, cause it's definitely rad. And by rad, I mean fucking radical.

"These Are All Illusions"

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