Friday, January 4, 2008

go now: There Will Be Blood


I had given Johnny Greenwood's score to There Will Be Blood a few digital spins and knew it was good, but it wasn't until tonight when I saw the film that it truly hit me. While the movie left 2/3 of the Bobka speechless, literally, Greenwood's score had us sneering some sinister "I've struck it big and will destroy anyone or anything that gets in my way" smile all the way back to Jersey. Entertainment Weekly recently had an interview with the film's director, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Greenwood, where Anderson noted that "The whole opening 20 minutes was meant to be silent." Without Greenwood's unsettling, often nihilistic, string arrangements the opening scenes of this incredible film would be lost in a haze of dirty desert sage. With the score you are transported into the menacing mind of a broke down prospector traversing the wicked desert in search of the unattainable American dream, to strike it rich.

Fans of Radiohead and Anderson's work (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love) may want to check out the above mentioned interview HERE. I know it's not playing in many theaters yet but if you are in the New York area you can catch a showing at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square or at the BAM theater in Brooklyn. Buy the Soundtrack HERE. If you haven't seen it yet, the theatrical trailer is below. No doubt about it, if this film doesn't win best score, best picture, best actor (Daniel Day- Lewis), best supporting actor (Paul Dano) and best screen adaptation than something is seriously wrong with the world.

There Will Be Blood

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