Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bobkast #9: <*))PHiSH><

"What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?"
Without Phish, there would be no Bobka. You see, it was a shared love of all things Phish that initially brought the Bobka crew together, and our passion for the music and community has slowly evolved over the years into what you see today. And so, to honor the recently-past 10 year anniversary of (one of) our favorite Phish era(s), we have assembled a few choice cuts from the Fall/Winter 1997 tour for your dancing and listening pleasure. This segment of dirrty Cow Phunk mixed with spacey transcendental improv will remind even the most jaded of phans why they liked the band so much in the first place, and it is also a great starting point for newbies who want to get an idea of what the fuss was all about. Check out LivePhish for more information.

Bobkast #9: Phish - Fall/Winter '97 Gems
Halley's Comet (11/22/97)
Tube > Dayton Jam (12/7/97)
Theme From the Bottom (12/29/97)
Ghost > Fire (11/17/97)

TOTAL RUN TIME.......74:33
Bobkast #9: Phish - Fall/Winter '97 Gems (direct link; right-click to download)

Phish earned a reputation as one of the best live bands in the biz not only for their music but also for their dazzling light shows. Their lighting designer, Chris Kuroda, transformed a Phish "concert" into an "experience" by way of his mindblowingly synchronized lighting displays. Check the video below to understand why Kuroda was considered to be a member of the band, and why this particular jam had those in attendance thinking the Mothership was touching down for a visit.

Twist (from the Island Tour)


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