Friday, December 14, 2007

nu musik: Track n Field

Connoisieurs of SOUND

Considering how much we love Swedish music, it was only a matter of time before we started border-hopping to the neighboring Scandinavian countries in search of the freshest new sounds. Well, we didn't have to travel very far.

Track n Field are from Helsinki and they claim to have created "the most diverse sound establishment coming out of Finland." The duo is comprised of Roberto Rodriguez and Jukka Kaartinen, both industry veterans with experience in production and DJing. Track n Field's sound is the natural amalgamation of their influences and experiences, infusing downtempo, house, electro, and breakbeat in the hopes of creating music that works just as well in the club as it does on a pair of headphones. I think their music sounds like Simian Mobile Disco on a whole bunch of valium.

Head over to the group's MySpace to hear some tunes (my favorite at the moment is "Iso Maha"). You can purchase their debut album Marathon from Beatport or the iTunes store.

Track n Field MySpace

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