Thursday, December 6, 2007

McG's Favorite Songs of 2k7

"And Take Ya Money!"

For me the summer of 2007 will always be remembered as the three months I spent riding my bike to work throwing my arms in the air like I was firing a sawed off shotgun (Thanks M.I.A). While "Paper Planes" made me nostalgic for Wreckx N Effects, there were certainly some other jams that got me moving, thinking, sleeping and laughing. Here are some of my favorite songs of 2007, many of which we never had chance to write about. But hey, who needs to read when you can just listen. Hasta manana.

Favorite Songs of 2007
Les Savy Fav- Pots & Pans
Grovesnor- Nitemoves
Yeasayer- Sunrise
Beck- Timebomb
Grizzly Bear- He Hit Me
Beirut- Nantes
Taken By Trees- Taken to Young (Tough Alliance Remix)
The Bee's- Left Foot Stepdown
Georgie James- Need Your Needs
Shout Out Louds- You Are Dreaming
Sally Shapiro- He Keeps Me Alive
Muscles- Hey Muscles I Love You
Bishop Allen- Rain
Cat Power- Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Bodies of Water- Everybody Hurts
Animal Collective- For Reverand Green

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