Sunday, August 8, 2010


He's baaaaaaaaack. DL's been on a hot streak, apparently absorbing solar rays and radiaton waves during the hottest summer ever(?!?!) and using them as the basis for hyper-accelerated replication. His latest incarnation comes in the form of a collection of screwed & fucked re-edits from the latest DL persona, Chuck Person. In the same realm as the recent Spend the Night with Games mix, the first volume of the appropriately titled ECCOJAMS takes clear nods from its 16-bit predecessor and sounds as if Chuck Person is actually remixing popular tracks with a Sega controller. Imagine DJ Screw & Araab Musiz's super chill/funny cousin fucking up top 40 classics through Parapper the Rapper interface. For gripping here.

Chuck Persons- Information by The Report|TCC

Chuck Persons- Angel by The Report|TCC

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