Thursday, June 10, 2010

mp3: Matt Mondaile & Julian Lynch cover Neil Young

"Look Out For My Love"

Late last year a good friend told me about a good friend's fell into a dark alley after misjudging a step on a roof in San Francisco. As the story goes, J.M.W., noted board freak, chief and axe shredder, sustained major injuries (fractured skull, internal bleeding, shattered wrist), but it could have been much worse. While the state of California helped gratefully in J.M.W's recovery, mending on a no-frills budget isn't the easiest thing in the world. That's where his friends came together. One night, while sitting besides their narco'd frien, they knew there must be a way to help. While none could afford to contribute what pocket change laid around, they each had a song. Soon after that, a collection was born. In the spirit of J.M.W., each of those tunes happens to be a Neil Young cover. Produced for the A Fundamental Experiment compilation, a limited edition (300), silk-screened LP, from which all proceeds will benefit J.M.W.. Purchase the LP here and contribute to J.M.W's recovery. The phenomeal set includes tracks by Sun Araw, Stag Hare, Sam Goldberg (of Emeralds), as well as Matt Mondanile and Julian Lynch, whose versions of "Look Out for My Love" and "Sedan Delivery" are below.

Purchase the LP here.

1) Julian Lynch - Sedan Delivery
2) Metal Rouge - Helpless
3) Sam Goldberg - Transformer Man
4) Swanox - Thrasher
5) Sun Araw - Barstool Blues

1) Stag Hare - Cortez the Killer
2) Laurentide Ice Sheet - Southern Man
3) Trevor Healy - Round and Round
4) Avocet - Expecting to Fly
5) Matt Mondanile - Look Out For My Love

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