Wednesday, April 28, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep10


A cold, rainy day is the best time to be inside the Newtown Radio studio at Danbro. You don't feel bad about missing out on the afternoon sun, and it doesn't rain inside. You control the atmosphere. When Ari and I walked in, Camilla and Jessa of Future Shuttle and Corky of the Tesla Effect had already set the tone; sage and incense a burning, mystic vibes smoking out the unwindowed fallout shelter. Shit got hot. It helped that Ari brought a handful of dub records and I was really in the mood to crank the low ends all afternoon. And so it went.

Sunday Brunch Episode 10
Laurie Anderson- Sharkey's Day
Scientist- Bad Days Dub
Forest Swords- If Your Girl
Janka Nabay- De Debut (33rpm sage dub remix)
Aquarius Dub- Jah Jah Dub (Produced by Hermin Chin-Loy)
Locked Groove from Black Moth Super Rainbow/Octopus Project split
Phillip Glass- A Gentleman's Honor
An Evening with Windham Hill Live- Hawk Circle/Reflection (arm womp remix)
Gram Parsons- A Song For You (Feat. Emmylou Harris)
Tracey Trance- The Fountain pt.1
Os Mutantes- Maria Fola
Os Mutantes- Baby
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp- China-Yellow Leader
Roxy Music- India
Roxy Music- While My Heart is Still Beating
High Places- Visions First (33rpm sage dub remix)
Stars of the Lid- The Atomium - part one

--Future Shuttle Live Set --

Flying Saucer Attack & Roy Montgomery- excerpt from Goodbye/And Goodbye
Pure Ecstasy- Voices (33rpm sage dub remix)
Neil Young- See The Sky About to Rain
Ernest Rodgers- Willie the Chimney Sweeper
Karen Dalton- Somethings On Your Mind
Vashti Bunyan- Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (33rpm sage dub remix)
Lau Nau- Painovoimaa, valoa
Sacred Harp- excerpt from Feast of the Green Corn
Roy Montgomery- excerpt from Split 12" with Grouper
Islaja- Pete P
Woods- Creeps Culture
The Incredible String Band- Way Back In The 1960s
Joseph Childress- Leaving the Barren Ground

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