Friday, April 24, 2009

Burial & Four Tet are Moth/Wolf Club

Details on this are incredibly scarce, but BLEEP has page in its catalog for Moth/Wolf Club, a collaboration between mega-producers Four Tet (aka Kieren Hebden) and British dub-step luminary Burial. According to BLEEP, the vinyl was available for pre-order beginning 4/5/09 and is already "out of stock." A Google search didn't yield much, except for an equally as info-less catalog post on Here is all the info we've got so far on what is sure to be one of the year's most enlightening collabo's.
A split release shrouded in darkness (hence the artwork, no sales notes, no audio, no promos). Just a solitary twelve, two sides crafted by two of the most innovative producers of the last twenty years, Burial and Four Tet... Essential Purchase never sounded so right.
(via BLEEP)

[ED Note: Apparently this is not "out of stock", as once listed, on BLEEP. Click here to order.]

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Ragzinho said...

just to let you know that it is not out of stock on Bleep... please check again.

If you could amend your blog, it would be much appreciated.