Tuesday, April 8, 2008

we love: Sera Cahoone

"No clue as to what I'm doing here"
We love Sera Cahoone's new record. This should come as no surprise to anyone whose good at playing connect the dots. Shall we: Sera used to play drums in Carissa's Wierd, with Matt Brooke and Ben Bridwell. Carissa's Wierd broke up. Mat and Ben founded Band of Horses. We love Band of Horses. Sera played drums on their debut, Everything All The Time. Then, Mat left Band of Horses. Tyler Ramsey sorta took his place, but not really. Mat founded Grand Archives, whom we also love. Sera recently toured with Grand Archives and just released her second solo disc on Sub Pop, home to Carissa's Wierd, Band of Horses and Grand Archives. So yeah, six degrees and all that nonsense. Anyway, we've really been digging the "country noir" of Cahoone's Only As The Day Is Long, but there's just one problem; no vinyl release!

Seriously, Sub Pop, were you not listening when Sera dropped the final mix in your palms?! This record screams vinyl, from the front porch banjos to the jangle of tambourines and Sera's oh-so haunting voice. Only as the Day is Long feels like a record released 30 years ago and should be a prime target for vinyl release, just as Bon Iver's sylvan dream For Emma, Forever Ago is one of those records that only feels right on wax. Not gonna lie, we're a little disappointed in Sub Pop for not giving Sera the vinyl treatment, because honestly, Only As The Day Is Long really deserves it.

Sera Cahoone- Only As The Day Is Long

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