Wednesday, July 18, 2007

nu musik: Chromeo

"Let her see that Fancy Footwork"

As violence continues to ravage the West Bank, two childhood friends have taken it upon themselves to prove that Arabs and Jews can in fact get along, and make killer synth-laden disco pop at the same time. Dave One and Pee Thug are better known as Chromeo, and they have recently released their second LP Fancy Footwork on VICE Records. Think of it as the funky soundtrack to the 'Roadmap to Peace'.

Chromeo's music may be decried as overly kitschy by some, but this is also where its appeal lies: cheesy synth-lines, borderline plastic beats, and shallow lyrics about girls, clubbing, and ego-boasting dominate the album, yet these elements are what makes the music fun and easily danceable. As their name suggests, Chromeo's music is meant to be taken at surface level only. There is no need to overthink what is going on here; instead, hit the dance floor and enjoy the shiny exterior.

Chromeo is currently wrapping up a tour in support of Fancy Footwork with Bobka favorites Flosstradamus sharing the bill. Check out a track and video from the LP below, and help Dave and Pee promote peace in the middle east.

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin'

a video for the track 'Fancy Footwork':

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McG said...

dave one and a-trak, brothers from the same mutha. thats mutha mustve downed some moog synths and serious molecule when she was preggers. who woulda thunkkk it