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Monday, February 14, 2011

new: Introducing Brain Club

Next Wave

Extremely happy to introduce a new endeavour undertaken by Austin, Texas's Jesse Jenkins & Kyle Dixon. Brain Club is a limited edition 12" series that will highlight boatloads of "outtakes, side projects, collaborations, rarities, live shows, b-sides, etc.," from friends in Austin and beyond. The inaugural 12" is a duality, one which seems to define Brain Club – the first side a deep spelunker in a stalagmite city; side two a more visceral, melodic experience amped by drum machines. While the sides contrast, the forces are working in conjunction to form a unilateral experience. I could spend a good deal of time going through the liner notes, but I recommend taking the time to do that yourself, as you'll want to become heavily acquainted with these two sides.

Grip here. Listen below.

Tracklist for Brain Club 001
smokey emery / be calm & still
vc childkraft / magnetik rose
thousand foot whale claw / lost in those dunes
heathen earth / untitled

bodytronix / live @ night of the ARAWANS
jake schrock / reverie
phantastes / flight of stares

by brainclub

•• by brainclub

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new: Pure X Chain Reflection 12"


In advance of their highly awaited debut, Pure X (formerly Pure Ecstasy) are back with a self-released 12" of "free form jams and protoversions of songs from" their forthcoming full-length. Initially released as a West Coast tour tape (long sold out), the session finds the Austin trio honing in on the loose framework of their early Future Nostalgia tape, expanding on its immense minimalism, while focusing on movements and haunting tones, rather than structure and form. Consider it modal music for the hazy-minded and a major precursor to their debut.

Grip the "smoke" colored Chain Reflection 12" here.

Chain Reflection 1 by PURE X

Chain Reflection 2 by PURE X